Support The Fine Art of Piracy

Arrgh! Tis no easy task living as a pirate. The Royal Navy is on the hunt. And yet only a few years ago, we Pirates were adored as Privateers. Ah how times change!

The Fine Art of Piracy needs your help to avoid being obliterated forever. Instead of raiding villages, we must plunder your unsuspecting pockets to continue our trade. But pirating our fans is not good business.

Thus, we ask you to Support Piracy. Burn copies of our album. Give it away freely to your friends. Sing these fine songs amongst your mateys and keep the Pirating tradition alive.

And if you do enjoy the music you hear, Irish songs, pirate music, and sea shantys, Support Piracy by buying the music and booty that you pirate, or make a donation to keep the Pirating tradition alive.

Give graciously or we'll beat your door down and torch your village!


How Can You Support Piracy?

  1. Download and Listen to Pirate Music,

  2. Burn copies of the songs you download to CDs and give them to friends,

  3. Email MP3s of your favorite songs to friends for special occasions,

  4. Blog about "Captain Black Jack" Murphy and his love of piracy,

  5. Learn and sing songs from our albums, then

  6. Give money to Captain Murphy to keep the Pirating Tradition alive!



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