Great Irish Pub Songs Begin with "Captain Black Jack" Murphy and IRISH STOUT! The Raucous Side of Celtic Music

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Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

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Irish Pub Songs from Irish Stout

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In the beginning was the Irish Stout, and the stout was good.

The Irish Stout was SO good, in fact, we started singing about it on our ship--Irish Pub Songs with a Pirate intentions. The Irish songs flowed as prolifically as the stout.

Irish Stout is no longer just a dark beer made from roasting malts and barley. It is the name of our pirate ship, and now it is also a band--shipmates who love drinking songs as much as they love drinking, lead by the formidable "Captain Black Jack" Murphy. We don't care about politics, religion, or being the most-traditional band in the world. Our sound is sharp, unique, and designed for hours of good old-fashioned song as you drink the night away.

So if you're looking for traditional "Celtic music", leave now. We're gonna show you the FUN, RAUCOUS side of Celtic music. The type of music that will get your toes tapping, your beer splashing, your hearts racing, your eyes laughing, your thoughts crafting, your body thrashing, and your voice cracking from too much singing. Yeah. We know what you want to hear. Because we want to hear it too!

So go ahead. Grab a pint of Irish Stout and join us in the pub. It doesn't have to be the same Irish pub. Yours will do. Just bring the CD out and give it to the bartender and say, I want music I can sing to! Then let the Irish Stout start flowing and satiate your thirst so that every day is St. Patrick's Day, thanks to "Captain Black Jack" Murphy and the Irish Stout.


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